3 criteria that qualify people of culture and art for the “golden residency”


The Golden Residency Supplement, attached to the new executive regulations of the Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners, to be implemented next month, authorized the granting of a golden residency permit to distinguished exceptional talents, including people of culture and art, on the basis of talent only, and does not require a work contract in the state, nor does it require a limit Minimum qualification, monthly salary or professional level.

It was stipulated in granting the golden residency permit to talents from the people of culture and art that it be based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture and Youth or the competent local authorities, specifying three criteria and categories of people of art and culture who may be granted golden residency, the first pioneer, who has a prestigious position globally as a result of his exceptional creative work He is required to obtain a well-known global or international award in the creative field, to be nominated for one of the well-known international awards, and a certificate of appreciation from an internationally prestigious authority, and he has an honorary position from a prestigious international authority because of his outstanding creativity.

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The second prominent one, who has a prominent position locally or regionally, as a result of his exceptional creative work, and is required to have a certificate of appreciation from one of the most prestigious locally or regionally in his field, and a certificate of candidacy for one of the locally or regionally prestigious awards in the field.

The third is the distinguished professional, who practices his work in the creative profession, and has remarkable distinction in his creative or intellectual production, and requires that he have a professional work experience of no less than five years in intellectual or creative production, and he has creative works that have been published or distributed locally, regionally or globally during the last three years, and that his creative works have gained remarkable recognition in the creative community, and that he has worked with well-known and reputable bodies locally, regionally or globally in the country of residence or in other countries (commercial contracts – participations – festivals – forums – exhibitions – celebrations or teams), and that his creations have received attention from critics, the media or specialized bodies, and that he has an active membership in a reputable international artistic organization or association.

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It also stipulated that the talented person should have an effective comprehensive health insurance for him and his family members when applying for golden residency or according to what is in force with the competent authority.

It also authorized the issuance of a golden residence permit for the business manager of the talented person, in accordance with the requirements regulating this, provided that it does not exceed three residence permits for business managers during the period of validity of the golden residence permit for the talent owner.

The category of exceptional talents who may be granted golden residency if the specific conditions and controls are met, includes culture and art people, innovators and inventors, athletes, talents in the field of digital technology, exceptional talents in other areas of importance, as determined by federal government agencies. or local competent.

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The golden visa allows long-term residence for certain categories of foreigners residing in the UAE, or wishing to come to it, and enables them to live, work, invest and study, without the need for a guarantor or host, while enjoying exclusive benefits.

The categories include investors, entrepreneurs, brilliant talents, scientists and specialists, early students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and the first line of defense. The visa is granted for a period of 10 years, subject to renewal. Health insurance is required for the talented person and his family members when applying for the “golden residency”.

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