65 university majors that shape the professions of the future and match the UAE labor market


“Emirates Today” monitored the launch of several new academic programs in the country during the last three academic years, in order to keep pace with the rapid technological developments that changed the features of the local and global labor market, and the increasing reliance on artificial intelligence techniques, and their documentation.

Academic advisors stressed that the choices of university majors have witnessed a major transformation during the past three years, especially after the “Covid-19” pandemic, which forced countries to close, which changed the composition of the labor market significantly and turned the attention of the employers market to technological disciplines, and for its part, identified The Department of Education and Knowledge has 65 university majors that constitute future professions and adapt to the needs of the labor market in the country, while the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that the UAE labor market is witnessing continuous changes as a result of rapid technological developments and modern technologies.

In detail, the academic advisors, Muhammad Nawar, Youssef Asaad and Magdy Thabet, stated that the UAE labor market is witnessing a major change in professions and specializations as a result of technological progress and development and reliance on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and 3D printing, in addition to the emergence of blockchain technology that It is now playing a pivotal role in the automation of processes, which has led to a fundamental transformation in the labor market.

The academic advisors, Yasser Ibrahim, Gilan Hanna, and Sami Assem, stated that the student’s choice of university major must take into account several aspects, the first of which are desire and passion, then the need of the current labor market, and the country that is thinking of residency and work in it, noting that the most important disciplines that accept students on Her studies are currently focused on aerospace engineering, peaceful nuclear energy engineering, renewable energy, electronics, mechatronics, robotics engineering, artificial intelligence, big data science, social innovation, e-learning, environmental studies and earth sciences, in addition to medical sciences.

“Emirates Today” has monitored the launch of several new academic programs in the country by universities in the past three years, in the undergraduate and graduate studies, to keep pace with the development of the labor market.

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The UAE University confirmed its implementation of a periodic review of academic programs in line with global trends in each discipline and the real needs of the labor market in terms of specializations and academic programs that help build a generation of qualified graduates with future skills. The university seeks to provide the university student with future skills, and is working to update its academic plans and programs in line with future aspirations, national priorities and strategies.

She pointed out that it has offered academic programs that serve the 50 projects, most notably the Artificial Intelligence Sub-Specialization Program offered by the College of Information Technology, because of its importance at the present time.

The university also introduced a Master of Science program in Computer Engineering – Internet of Things, which is a multidisciplinary program that provides students with a unique opportunity to study the application of the latest information and communication technologies.

While the Departments of Physics and Earth Sciences at the College of Science have offered a Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Space and Earth Sciences, the College has also launched Accelerated Programs (BS-MS) in Physics and Mathematics, allowing outstanding Bachelor’s students to take courses from a Master’s degree in the last year .

For its part, Abu Dhabi University launched four new tracks, as part of its continuous efforts to prepare students and enable them to take up promising jobs in the labor market in the future.

New York University Abu Dhabi has launched a new academic program in the field of business, with the specialization “Business, Institutions, and Society” with the aim of providing students with a comprehensive view of the complex interrelationships and interactions between business and society.

For its part, Khalifa University has offered, over the past two academic years, doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s programs that include molecular and cellular biology, earth and planetary sciences, a new master’s program in aeronautical engineering, a bachelor’s degree in computer science represented by the artificial intelligence course, and a course in mechatronics (the specialization that integrates the specialization of mechanical engineering). and electronic) as well as the Bachelor of Science in Physics program, with the aim of meeting the UAE’s increasing requirements for intellectual and human capital as a step in promoting the transformation towards a knowledge-based digital economy.

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While the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence offers a number of graduate programs that meet the needs of the market in the field of artificial intelligence, where the university offers master’s of science and doctoral programs in the main areas of artificial intelligence, and includes three main specializations, machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing.

The University of Sharjah has also launched new master’s programs related to medical sciences, namely, a Master of Science in Adult Intensive Care Nursing at the College of Health Sciences, a Master of Science in Environmental Health, a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering at the College of Engineering, a Master of Science in Diabetes Management at the College of Medicine and a Diploma of Studies Senior in Ultrasound Technology Applications.

Zayed University has offered two programs for health sciences specializations to face future epidemics, a master’s in public health and a master’s in counseling and psychology, while Rabdan Academy provided for the first time the opportunity for high school graduates to enroll in two of its specialized programs, where they can now join the bachelor’s program in continuity management. Business, Bachelor’s Program in Integrated Emergency Management.

In addition, the Department of Education and Knowledge identified about 65 university majors that constitute future professions and meet the needs of the labor market in the country, within 10 main areas, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, veterinary medicine, arts and humanities, business administration and law, education, engineering, construction and manufacturing, and health. , information and communication technology, natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, and services, in addition to social and behavioral sciences.

The department indicated that it offers scholarships to students in the top 150 universities, through the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program.

Universities offer new programs to keep pace with the rapid developments in the labor market.

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Abu Dhabi Missions

The Department of Education and Knowledge indicated that the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program for Distinguished Students was established in 2009, and the number of students enrolled in it reached 3,453 students between 2011 and 2020, pointing out that as part of the program’s endeavor to support the future needs of the labor market in Abu Dhabi, the program provided various forms of support to about 2,878 Over the past decade, 85% of scholarships have been allocated to students majoring in medicine, health sciences, engineering, business, and law. Currently, graduates of the Abu Dhabi Scholarship Programs occupy various leadership positions in the country.

The department pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program for Distinguished Students is supported by the University and Vocational Guidance Program, one of the initiatives of the Student Enrichment Programs (Rize) of the Department of Education and Knowledge, which aims to empower ninth to 12th grade students by enhancing their academic skills necessary to pursue their higher studies and set out on their path. future professional.

The university and career guidance program played a pivotal role in preparing students to apply for the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program, as the program organizers worked closely with students to provide them with practical support and research the best educational courses that suit their interests and aspirations.

6 “Digital” specializations

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that the UAE labor market is witnessing continuous changes as a result of rapid technological developments and modern technologies, explaining that the country has developed many national strategies that foresaw certain areas in which young people can develop their future skills.

The ministry, in indicative publications broadcast on its official electronic platforms, under the title “These are the professions for the next 10 years,” identified six “digital” job sectors or specializations that may be the most dominant in the labor market in the country during the next decade, namely “data analysts, Scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, machine learning specialists, big data specialists, digital marketing and strategy specialists.”


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