A 4-year-old girl died in a boiling car as her parents spent hours at the family funeral


The parents of a four-year-old girl mourning the death of her aunt left the baby in a car hot enough to roast a chicken as they attended the funeral, according to reports.

The parents of the tragic girl, named only Sadia in local media in Ramhormoz, Iran, locked the child in the car and she eventually succumbed to stress, intense heat and lack of oxygen , according to doctors.

Said had arrived for the service with his parents, but when they arrived, his parents left Sadia to sleep in the parked car while they drove to the ceremony, forgetting about her due to the stress of the ceremony.

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Sadia died as temperatures soared to 49 degrees Celsius, which would have caused the interior of the car to reach 76 degrees Celsius, high enough to roast a chicken.

An illustrative image of the Iranian town of Ramhormoz where four-year-old Saida died

When her parents finally remembered her, she was already unconscious and doctors could only confirm her death from heat stroke and suffocation.

Head of Ramhormoz’s forensic department, Dr Gholamreza Haidarnejad, said: “A young couple left their four-year-old child sleeping in a car when they went to mourn the little girl’s aunt.

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“The parents who decided not to wake the child then forgot about her because of their distress at the funeral.

“The child was left in the car for several hours in hot sunny weather and the car doors were locked.”

The doctor added that the child died due to stress, intense heat and lack of oxygen.

When her parents finally remembered her, Saida was already unconscious
When her parents finally remembered her, Saida was already unconscious

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The devastated couple are receiving counseling and an investigation is underway into the tragedy by local police in Ramhormoz, the capital of Ramhormoz County in Iran’s Khuzestan province.

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