A hiker discovers a mysterious bunker in the woods of western Michigan


(TSTIME DETROIT) – A hiker has alerted authorities to a mysterious bunker hidden about a mile walk in the Rogue River State Game Area in Kent County.

The hiker, who does not want to be identified, told WOOD TV that after he found the bunker on Friday, he immediately reported it to authorities, as he said it looked like it was a militia thing. military type.

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The bunker is thought to have been built recently, as there were freshly cut trees on the ground nearby.

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According to WOOD TV, the bunker is located 50 yards from a narrow trail that begins on Red Pine Drive north of 18 Mile Road NE, northeast of Kent City, on a hill overlooking Spring Creek.

It is 15 by 15 and about 3 feet deep and consists of sandbags stacked two high that make up the perimeter, and about two dozen more located in the corner of the bunker.

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“Sandbags, you don’t need them for paintball,” the hiker told WOOD TV. “You don’t need it for a blind deer. Looks like they have to stop incoming bullets. It’s on a hill. There will be no flooding here.

He feared it was built for a specific purpose, so he immediately contacted the US Department of Homeland Security, who put him in touch with the FBI, who then referred him to local law enforcement.

After that, he called the Michigan State Police, who put him in touch with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, who then referred him to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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Hiker says he thought this sort of thing would need to be investigated, but MDNR told him they were planning to demolish the bunker.

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