A ‘Wordle’ Celebrity Spinoff Is Here, And It’s Deviously Brilliant


The creators of one of the fastest growing companies wordle spin-offs – football theme Who are you ?– know they’re onto a very clever concept. Rather than putting all their eggs in one basket, they’re now diversifying the everyday experience into something more devious and addictive, opening it up to one of the largest casual audiences in the world.

Who are you ?which started as a wordle An alternative that’s decidedly focused on association football before delving into all sorts of competitive pastimes popular around the world, finally offers an alternative for those not so keen on sports: a celebrity version.

the original Who are you ? became a runaway success with a well-balanced five-criteria system. The first version asked players to identify a soccer star who plays in one of Europe’s major flights, based on their nationality, league, team, position and age.

After slight adjustments to this simple but effective formula, British co-creators and brothers Daniel and Michael Rose have adapted the game so that people can guess a celebrity in eight attempts, using five metrics: the “type” of celebrity ( eg, movie star, musician), plus their gender, nationality, net worth, and age.

Although it’s a big ask to get famous Who are you ? correct in just a few tries – there’s a lot more room for error unless you’re hot on TSTIME’ list of highest paid artists (and more) – the Roses have once again included suggestions automatic, which appear once the player has typed two or more letters; the list of celebrities also seems relatively limited – for now.

As another bonus, there’s the chance to receive a heavily blurred, recolored image of the celebrity in question: a useful crutch that gradually brings the celebrity of the day into focus with each miss. However, there’s a good chance they’ll still look like Marvel’s Yondu or Avatar‘s Na’vi for the first three or four attempts. Those who want a purer, more punishing experience can choose to skip it altogether.

The Roses, who found nothing but enthusiasm to join forces to create a project together after years of working in similar industries, saw their wordle alternative is exploding in popularity. Who are you ? now receives more than one million visits per day in May, after attracting more than 25 million page views in April. New audiences also continue to be discovered; last month, the game was streamed to two million Portuguese-speaking viewers from popular casual Twitch streamer Casimito, the presenter of TNT Sports Brasil.

However, Who are you ? continues to specialize in sports, and there really seems to be something for everyone; Besides football, the site now offers guessing games for players in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, F1 and even international cricket, while more will be coming. no doubt in the future.



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