Albanian traffickers post TikTok ad bragging about ‘100,000% safe’ channel crossings


Albanian traffickers post TikTok ad boasting ‘100,000% safe’ Channel crossings… in support of Home Office for even more migrant arrivals next week

  • The government is bracing for a group of migrant boats crossing the Channel this week
  • Albanian traffickers advertise ‘100,000% safe’ channel transitions on TikTok
  • Manston migrant processing camp in Kent resumes operations after thorough clean-up

The government is bracing for a new wave of migrant boats crossing the Channel next week, the Mail can reveal today.

A revealing ad posted on TikTok by Albanian smugglers tells migrants from the small Balkan country to be ready for safe sea voyages from France to England tomorrow.

Against a backdrop of blaring rock music, the overlay on the video says, “Our next crossing. 100,000% safe. Date 25.11.2022′. It shows a picture of Albanians waving on a dinghy and in the background a Border Force ship on duty in the Channel.

Meanwhile, the overcrowding at Manston’s migrant processing camp in Kent, emptied earlier this week following a spate of infections and criticism of poor hygiene from campaigners, is back to work following an intensive deep clean.

It is now ready for the fresh arrivals in Dover. New living tents have been erected on the former RAF site. Border Force and Immigration personnel, including guards, were told to appear for their normal duty from 7am this morning.

“We have had nothing to do for the last few days as the camp had been cleared of thousands of migrants and sent to hotels,” a Manston guard told the Mail. ‘We walked with our heels over the ditch. Now we are back in business because the human traffickers have clearly not given up.

“We have been told there are windows this weekend with good weather and no wind, allowing for crossing. Next week, if conditions in the Channel improve, we expect the number of boats to increase further.’

The alarm over crossing comes on a secret and heavily guarded deportation flight from the UK that brought home 11 Albanians on Wednesday morning, the Home Office has confirmed.

The deportees are believed to have included illegal boat arrivals previously held in Manston, and criminals living in the UK who have been convicted here, in the EU or in Albania.

Flight tracking sites show that the deportation flight on a Titan Airways plane chartered by the Home Office took off from London Stansted Airport at 07:56 on Wednesday and landed in the Albanian capital Tirana at 10:17 UK time. It was not listed as a departure at Stansted, but was shown as an arriving plane in Albania.

Sources in Tirana said: ‘The flight was five minutes late, although it left on time. The 11 returnees were taken off the plane and taken to a special UK-paid police station on the airport grounds. Their passports have been stamped by Albanian immigration officials, which means they cannot return to Europe’s Schengen zone for three years.’

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman told the House of Commons on Wednesday that 36 Albanian boat migrants who arrived on the Kent coast and were subsequently detained at the Manston processing center have been deported on different flights.

However, Mrs Braverman was not counting on Wednesday morning’s flight, which landed in Tirana before speaking in Parliament. It was only after the Mail discovered that the deportation had taken place that the Home Office confirmed it.

Now more returns of Albanian boat migrants are expected by the Ministry of the Interior. An Albanian border official said: ‘The British are eager to show that they are escalating this return efficiently and quickly. We are ready to work with them.’




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