Alex Hall Calls Out “Selling the OC” Co-Stars Jarvis and Rose


Alex Hall recently spoke about her relationship with Sell ​​the OC co-stars Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose.

The new Sell ​​sunset Netflix spin-off follows the Orange County arm of luxury real estate agent The Oppenheim Group and features a brand new cast of glamorous real estate agents, including Brittany Snow’s husband Tyler Stanaland.

Sell ​​the OC has as much drama as you’d expect and the cast in the office seems very divided, maybe even more than in Sell ​​sunset.

Throughout the episodes, Jarvis and Rose, along with fellow real estate agent Gio Helou, seem to be very separated from the rest of the group and it seems that the tension between Hall and her co-stars hasn’t gone away since the cameras stopped rolling.

Alex Hall has announced her “Selling the OC” co-stars Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose.

Hall, 33, told News week that she got the chance to watch all eight episodes of the series before it launched and when asked what shocked her most when looking back at the footage, Hall replied, “How much was talked about me when I wasn’t around? !”

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“With like Jarvis and Rose, I feel like every time they’re in a frame, they say my name! Which is hilarious because I barely… I don’t think I interacted with them the entire time we were were filming. Except for the season finale,” Hall said.

“That they were talking about me all the time was crazy to me. And not to have any personal experience with me at all. Literally, whatever,” she added.

Sell ​​the OC
Office tensions are high on “Selling the OC,” Netflix’s new “Selling Sunset” spin-off.

Hall, who is a single mother of a son and daughter, also revealed that it was Sell ​​sunset star Mary Fitzgerald who convinced her to actually sign up for the show after she had reservations about joining the cast.

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Explaining that boss Jason Oppenheim, who owns the real estate business with his twin brother Brett, told her to contact Fitzgerald, who is also his ex, Hall said: “I contacted Mary at the beginning, before I agreed to go to the show and she was so sweet and she was honestly the turning point for me because i was very reluctant to do it.

“She had nothing but great things to say about the production team and Netflix, and she really eased my worries and all the worries I had. So after I was on the phone with her, I was like, ‘I’m in.'”

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Mary Fitzgerald sells sunset
Alex Hall has revealed that Mary Fitzgerald, star of ‘Selling Sunset’, has convinced her to join the cast of ‘Selling the OC’.

When asked what her concerns were before being talked to by Fitzgerald, Hall said: “If I were the only one it would be a good idea, but I have two children that I obviously have to consider and I want to protect them and , you know, do what’s best for them. For me, doing the show was part of me trying to do what’s best for us and our family, and create a solid future for us, but on the other hand of that medal is also exposing them.”

“So that was a big fear… and then also figuring it out… I have a pretty stable career, I had built my way up in real estate and almost reached a very, very good place in my career [just] when the show opportunity was presented to me,” Hall said. I thought, ‘What’s the payout here? I have a really good thing going on and want to be on television and set up a platform where people can just judge me?'”

Sell ​​the OC Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

The OC sell Kayla and Alex
Kayla Cardona and Alex Hall star together in “Selling the OC” on Netflix.


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