Amotekun arrests 17 northerners with 35 dogs, charms, cutlasses in Ondo [PHOTOS]


As many as 17 middle-aged men from the north of the country who arrived in Ondo State with 35 dogs, lucky charms and cutlass were apprehended.

Northerners who stormed the town of Okititpupa, the seat of the state’s Okititupa Local Government Area, were arrested after failing to disclose their mission in the state.

Following the arrival in the state, residents of Okitipupa sounded the alarm as their movements in the city became suspicious.

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According to Amotekun’s commander in the state, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye, the northerners said someone invited them to the state they did not know.

“These were people who claimed to have come from the north of the country with dogs, charms and cutlasses and the people of the Okitipupa area who were not comfortable with them raised the alarm.

“But during questioning they claimed that they had been invited to Okutupupa by someone and that they were in fact working for the person. All attempts to reach the person they claimed to be working for yielded no no results to date.

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“However, we want to warn residents to be vigilant when they see what I will call mysterious things. We have more than 30 dogs among able-bodied men who don’t even know where they are going. They claimed they were dropped off at Okitipupa by a vehicle and the vehicle left.

“This calls for very serious concern given the very serious security situation in the country.

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“The investigation of who brought them and their true mission is still ongoing. They were trying to enter the forest behind the Okitipupa military barracks when they were arrested.

Amotekun arrests 17 northerners with 35 dogs, charms, cutlasses in Ondo [PHOTOS]


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