An English Tea-Inspired Spa Treatment in Kuala Lumpur’s Historic Majestic Hotel


Good and healthy living in the city is both an art form and a demanding science. Method and careful planning of each day helps us to navigate our way through the concrete jungle with ease. This, in turn, allows us to make time for work, play and rest. I like to call this the delicate science of time management. As we go through our wellness journeys, we seek out soul tribes and communities. We search for workout routines, fitness centers and spas the same way an artist slowly finds his or her unique voice or style.

In a city as dynamic, diverse and multi-dimensional as Kuala Lumpur, there are plenty of wellness choices. This distinctive quality of the capital can be attributed to Malaysia’s rich history, punctuated by a myriad of cultures. Considered a cultural melting pot of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Orang Asli influences in the region, Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer travelers. Aside from delicious flavors, shopping, sightseeing and vibrant city views, the wellness experience in this thriving metropolis is unique and truly transformative.

Discovering the world through wellness was the reason for booking my first international flight from Manila after two long years of pandemic restrictions. The itinerary of the 10-day wellness retreat around YTL Hotels spas was designed with the intention of discovering as much about Malaysia’s medicinal traditions as time permits. It was a busy, hectic schedule that involved moving from one part of the country to another through land transfers. Even then, every stop, including the quick city breaks, proved to be the most invigorating for body, mind and soul.

Where heritage, history and colonial-inspired healing come together

The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur was a welcome sight after traveling all day. Built in 1932 in colonial style, the hotel has been declared a National Heritage Site. History, glamor and prestige reverberate not only in the beautiful facade, but also in the halls. A landmark structure that represents Malaysia’s golden years before World War II, The Majestic has long been the destination of choice for “glamorous events, government receptions and lodging for prominent international visitors.”

The well-appointed suites, café, orchid conservatory, drawing room and tea lounge are located in the Majestic Wing. These were stunning features that transported the senses back to an era of nobility and refined elegance. Over a leisurely lunch with YTL Hotels’ Senior Vice President Spa Division Chik Lai Ping, the wellness innovator said: “The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we work with our spas and the way we live our lives. Everyone has come to realize that things will never be the same after the pandemic. The spa business has seen an increase in sales and we are fully booked on most weekends.”

The hotel’s Majestic Spa is a wellness gem in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Done in the Art Deco style of Scottish architect Charles Rennie, the space exuded colonial charm and tranquility. Before heading out to enjoy a two-hour signature English Afternoon Tea treatment, Chik Lai Ping explained that each spa has been developed to offer its own signature treatments. “Each location has its unique pre-treatment ritual that is not to be missed,” she added.

Healing with berries, flowers and tea at The Majestic Spa in Kuala Lumpur

The treatment began with a serene tea ritual in a colonial-inspired boudoir. A foot bath of garden flowers relieved all the aches and pains of the past week. The enjoyment was accompanied by a neck and shoulder massage, which completely relaxed the senses. “The tradition of afternoon tea is honored in this experience,” the YTL Spa Village team wrote. “Anna, Duchess of Bedford, is said to have created the idea of ​​afternoon tea after complaining about ‘that sinking feeling’ between breakfast and dinner. She started having a pot of tea and a light snack in her boudoir at Woburn Abbey. Later, after returning to London, invitation cards were sent to her friends to join her for snacks, tea and walks in the fields. Social hostesses picked up on this custom and before long the entire fashionable society was sipping tea and nibbling on cakes and berries in the middle of the afternoon.”

After a soothing pre-treatment ritual, the English Afternoon Tea treatment began. An irresistible cloud of blackberries and cream was applied to the body as a natural exfoliant. The formula also brought in doses of antioxidants, ideal for addressing the free radical damage most prevalent in most urban environments. A fragrant massage with garden berry oils followed, which soothed all the aches, discomforts and knots of the past weeks. The two-hour wellness treat concluded with a soothing English Rose Natural Facial. “This is good for balancing the skin, improving radiance and lightening skin pigmentation,” explains the highly trained therapist. English rose also provides moisturizing and anti-aging benefits when used as a skin treatment ingredient.

Immediately after that delightful Afternoon English Tea Spa experience, I set out to discover more about Malaysia’s diverse medicinal culture. The day’s activities, including lunch in the chic cafe and lounging in the conservatory, told me this would be a journey unlike any other. Feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated from a hectic schedule at home, I set out to see another side of the diverse Southeast Asian country through the eyes of healing and wellness.



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