Behind Trump’s Confident Facade Reportedly ‘Shocked’ by Investigations


Donald Trump had a great week last week, at least in terms of facts reported in the media. He led the table in Arizona, a state that Trump wanted to throw in glass after 2020. His extremist group ‘nut jobs’ (Joe Scarborough’s word) is now up against ‘normal people’ Democrats. But at least Trump’s “enemies” lost, and even if it turns Arizona blue, that’s all that mattered.

And yet, at Trump’s meeting in Wisconsin last night, he was indeed not so celebratory — he made it a point to say he is the most persecuted person in American history. Move over Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, move over every Native American who has walked the Trail of Tears (and Oklahoma would be stolen soon enough), and shove Abe Lincoln aside. Donald Trump is here to take first place. He is the most persecuted American who ever lived.

After exacting so much vengeance last week, it shows that Trump’s mind is actually elsewhere, as it should be. The walls are getting closer. The public will not accept that the Secret Service or the Pentagon raise their hands and say that the texts have been removed. Every drug dealer ever arrested anywhere has deleted text messages that were effortlessly removed from their phones, probably by a local FBI agent. Certainly, some of the world’s most advanced forensic experts are within the same division as DHS (Secret Service) and with Pentagon military intelligence.

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Those lyrics come out, while at the same time witnesses line up to go in and write down their part of the story before someone spells it all out on them. Maggie Haberman assures us that satisfaction with his revenge is held in check by Trump’s despicable fear of investigations.

At Anderson Cooper’s regular hour, Jim Sciutto asked Haberman to give his opinion on Trump’s recent endorsements, and also asked whether both the grand jury probes, the Fulton County grand jury investigation, and Attorney General Merrick Garland probe Jan. 6. Like too many others, Sciutto forgets what is arguably the most dangerous grand jury probe of them all, the one with what could be the cleanest straight line to a demonstrable and serious crime – the grand jury probe of the top secret files out in March. stowed -a-Lago. Sciutto asked whether the grand jury investigations affected Trump’s thinking about the presidency. The question was dumb as a rabbit fight, but Haberman replied, “Yes.”

Haberman: So he had a good week in terms of the candidates he supported winning, whether it’s all building a new presidential campaign, I think you know, the main driver for him to get back into it, Jim It’s not because he especially wants the job again, though he’ll talk about it. But the second he says he’s not in, you know, the crown in the Republican Party goes to someone else. And I think it’s that simple.

Haberman is one of the world’s elite reporters (don’t listen to trolls on Twitter, the NYT knows what it’s doing), but nobody does “as simple” as Haberman.

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SCIUTTO: Do the pending prosecutions, both the Jan. 6 commission, but more specifically the DOJ, possible criminal charges, is that a factor? I mean, you heard he wants to run because he thinks that would avoid possible criminal charges?

HABERMAN: Yes, I believe it is based on my reporting. Yes. I mean, you know, this is something he’s alluded to in some conversations. You know, he’s trying to inspire confidence about — at least about the DOJ investigation.

You know, he has spoken more openly about the Georgia investigation in Fulton County, in his actions in that state. However, Donald Trump generally fears investigations and the fact that the DOJ is now calling witnesses from the White House only adds to the concern.

Some might read and believe that Trump “talked more openly about Georgia,” and think Trump believes he is more exposed in Georgia or has more problems in Georgia. It is not necessarily so.

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Georgia is out in the open. It’s on tape. Everyone knows the evidence. Everyone has an opinion about the crime.

The January 6 conspiracy is anything but “out in the open.” Trump won’t openly talk to people about, “Gosh, I hope they don’t make a deal with Stone, who will testify that I ordered the whole operation,” or “Hey, I really hope Ornato dropped that Secret Service. ” phones in the Potomac as we discussed. It would look bad if those texts about me telling them to kidnap Pence ever came true…”

It’s entirely possible that Trump is much more concerned about the January 6 criminal investigation than Georgia is… he just can’t talk about it. “Talking” is exactly the problem. Too many people talking and now look where he is?


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