Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer Khan Has A Panic Attack After Tina Datta-Shalin Bhanot Yells At Her


After eight weeks of game-changing twists and turns, the householder drops a shock by showing Sumbul Touqeer’s conversation with her father Touqeer Khan in the confessional room to all the housemates in the living room. Most of the housemates were shocked by the revelation. Enraged at the father’s disregard for him and Tina, Shalin blows out asking Sumbul why she is talking to them and kicks the coffee table.

Tina is equally furious because of the false accusations made against her by Sumbul’s father. When she couldn’t contain her anger, she slams the wall, stating that it was ridiculous that Sumbul’s father killed off her character to save his daughter’s reputation. After this, Sumbul Touqeer Khan has a panic attack, she was later called to the medical room.

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Meanwhile, it seems that the 18-year-old actress cannot understand what is right and wrong for her. In the recent episodes of Bigg Boss 16, Tina Datta was heard saying that she is very picky about her character and doesn’t like anyone talking wrong about her. Even she told Abdu Rozik as he did not link her with fellow contestant Shalin Bhanot who confessed feelings for her.

Interestingly, she heard Shalin tell that Sumbul has feelings for her. Since the first week, she talks about Sumbul’s feelings for Shalin. However, Sumbul has clarified on a number of occasions that she has no feelings for anyone in the house, but only considers Shalin as a very good friend. Tina Datta, who tells everyone not to talk about her character, still disagrees with Sumbul and keeps telling Shalin that the 18-year-old actress has a soft spot for the 40-year-old TV star.

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All these talks have sparked controversies around Sumbul, who was even criticized for her behavior by the host Salman and the netizens. But in the last episode, after seeing Sumbul and her father’s conversation, Shalin and Tina yelled at Sumbul for killing the latter’s character. Shalin kicks the table as Tina Datta slams the wall. Interestingly, Tina is the one who keeps talking about Sumbul.

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Shalin Sumbul was heard asking ‘why the hell are you coming to us’. However, Shalin must not forget that he was the one who recently told Sumbul that ‘Sumbul, Tina and Shalin are the strength of this house’ when she kept her distance.



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