Bobby Kataria: Uttarakhand Police Announce Rs 25,000 Reward For Information On YouTuber


Uttarakhand police have announced a reward of Rs 25,000 to YouTuber Bobby Kataria who goes into hiding in a case for allegedly consuming alcohol by setting a table on the road in Dehradun and stopping traffic.

Uttarakhand police also raided Kataria’s home in Haryana’s Gurugram to arrest him, but he is constantly on the run. After that, a reward of Rs 25,000 has been paid to the accused Bobby Kataria, he added.

Police have also obtained an arrest warrant for the accused from the court, said SSP Dehradun Dilip Singh Kunwar.

Who is Bobby Kataria?

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Bobby Kataria, who is currently in hiding, lives in Gurgaon. He is a lifestyle blogger and a bodybuilder. He is very popular on social media with a whopping 6.30 lakh followers on Instagram.

Kataria shares glimpses of his lavish lifestyle on his social media accounts. You can also watch him show off his bulging muscles for the camera and share fitness tips.

Recently, a viral video was seen as Kataria blocking traffic by placing a chair table in Mussoorie Kimadi Marg’s middle road and consuming alcohol in a public place.

A case under Section 342/336/290/510 IPC and 67 IT Act has been registered against Bobby Kataria at Cantt Police Station.

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Earlier, a case was registered under Sections 342, 336, 290 and 510 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and 67 IT Act and an indemnity order against Kataria was also obtained from the District Court.

Kataria made headlines after it was revealed that he was smoking on a SpiceJet flight that had surfaced on the internet. The airline later said the action was taken because the passenger was placed on a 15-day flight ban by the airline in February 2022.

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However, the accused social media influencer Balvinder Kataria aka Bobby Kataria claimed it was a fake plane and that it was part of his shooting in Dubai.

“The video in which I saw smoking is not a normal plane, it was a fake plane and that was part of my filming in Dubai. It is not allowed to take lighter on the plane,” said Kataria.

(With input from ANI)



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