Bomb Deception and Undercover Inspections: The Changi Airport Police on the unpredictable nature of their job


SINGAPORE: In November last year, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Jerry Tan dealt with a bomb threat on a plane about to land at Changi Airport.

The information about the alleged bomb came from “an unknown source, so that reduced its credibility,” said the 33-year-old airport police patrol team leader.

Nevertheless, the police had to ensure that aviation security was not compromised. ASP Tan’s team was dispatched and immediately began working with various airport agencies to rule out the possibility of a bomb on board.

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ASP Tan took charge of the situation and had no time for fear. He focused on ensuring that his team was following the necessary procedures and keeping various stakeholders informed.

“After the plane was parked, we had to manage the crime scene, coordinate the re-screening of passengers, baggage and cargo, search the plane for the bomb, monitor the movement of people onto the plane and conduct interviews with witnesses,” he said. said.

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It took a total of three to four hours to get the situation under control and rule out the bomb threat, from the time police received the tip before the plane arrived.



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