Caraway’s mini cookware sets are perfect for small kitchens


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If you’re cooking in a shoebox apartment, college dorm, or just a kitchen that’s too small for your own chef-like ambitions, it can be difficult to truly cook the meal of your dreams. This is especially true if you constantly trip over your own cookware. With pots and pans too big for your stovetop and cupboard space, the desire to actually cook the meals you want diminishes drastically. Caraway has worked on the solution with their new Mini Duos. Instead of having to pay for a larger kitchen, simply use cookware designed for smaller spaces.

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The Mini Duo consists of a mini casserole and a mini saucepan so you can cook all the basics without taking up too much space on the stove. Both options are also designed with the same quality materials and premium coatings as the original Carraway cookware. So the pans have an effective non-stick coating without the use of toxic chemicals and the cookware is incredibly eco-friendly, using 60% less emissions during production than traditional non-stick options. The Mini Duo set is also available in different colors such as cream, navy blue, perracotta, marigold and many others. As a result, you buy a pan duo that really fits the theme and color scheme of your current kitchen. No matter how big your kitchen is, you deserve to be able to prepare the meals you want to make. The Carraway Mini Duo is your way to freedom in the kitchen, even if you don’t have the space of a professional chef.

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