Charles Yeo of the Reform Party was investigated for alleged breach of trust; police say investigation not politically motivated


SINGAPORE: The investigations against Reform Party Chairman Charles Yeo for alleged criminal breach of trust are not politically motivated, police said on Saturday January 15, confirming he was arrested earlier in the week.

Mr Yeo, a lawyer, was among two people arrested on Wednesday for their alleged involvement in breach of trust and forgery offenses after complaints were made against Whitefield Law Corporation, police said.

Mr Yeo announced on Facebook on Thursday that he had spent 15 hours in detention, alleging that “the charges are entirely trumped up and false”. He also accused the the police to act “unprofessionally in their handling of the case”, adding that the investigator seized his phone with the SIM card, calling it “very unusual”.

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In response to questions from TSTIME, the police said: “The police categorically reject Mr. Charles Yeo’s allegations that the investigations are politically motivated.

“The allegations are also not ‘fabricated’ for political reasons. Police had received at least four police reports involving four different clients of Whitefield Law Corporation, alleging forgery and/or CBT.”

at Mr Yeo A mobile phone and SIM card were seized for forensic investigation, police said.

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“The seizure was carried out in accordance with the powers granted to the police under the Code of Criminal Procedure,” they added.

“Our officers have taken and will continue to take action in accordance with the law to investigate the alleged criminal offences.”

Mr Yeo was part of the Reform Party team that ran for Ang Mo Kio GRC in the 2020 general election against a five-member team led by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

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The Reform Party said in response to questions from TSTIME that Mr Yeo had ‘kept the party informed of matters’.

“We understand that he has not been charged. This appears to be the Bar’s business,” the party added.

According to Mr Yeo’s Facebook post, he is on bond of S$35,000.

The ANC contacted Whitefield Law Corporation for more information.



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