Civil servants will receive a one-month end-of-year bonus; S $ 500 additional for junior classes


The government will continue to pay the annual non-pensionable allowance, also known as the 13th month bonus.

The PSD said the civil service “has shown tenacity and determination” in the protracted battle against COVID-19.

“The government deeply appreciates the hard work and perseverance of all public officials in the fight against the pandemic.

“By working together, we will emerge stronger from this crisis, as a nation,” he said.

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There was no end of year bonus for civil servants last year. This year, a mid-year bonus of 0.3 months was granted to all civil servants.

Singapore’s economy remains on track for a recovery in 2021, PSD said.

“The economy grew 7.1% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2021, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry has updated its forecast for GDP growth to ‘around 7.0%’ for 2021,” did he declare.

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On the labor market front, resident employment grew faster in the third quarter, especially in outward-facing industries, and unemployment rates fell for the second consecutive month in September 2021, PSD added. .



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