Diana promises why Sarah Ferguson is ‘committing to ending rumors about the identity of Harry’s father’


A determined Sarah Ferguson once vowed to put an end to wild rumors about the identity of Prince Harry’s father.

The Duchess of York is said to be ‘infuriated’ by outlandish conspiracy theories that claim her father is actually James Hewitt, who Diana had an affair with while married to Prince Charles.

Diana and Hewitt’s entanglement between 1986 and 1991 began after he was asked to give her riding lessons while a member of the Household Cavalry – two years after Harry was born.

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But the rumors have persisted since the Princess of Wales confirmed the affair in 1996, with numerous comparisons between the two men’s appearances.

Ferguson was close friends with Diana in the years before her tragic death

Fergie, a close friend of Diana’s in the years leading up to her tragic death, is determined to put them to bed once and for all to protect her legacy.

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A royal insider told New Idea magazine: “Fergie is just exasperated that this story comes up every few years.

“It frustrates her to let this continue, which is why she broke ranks. She’s sick of hearing that.”

Going further in their relationship, the source clarified that although the couple “had feuds over the years”, Fergie was one of the “few people Diana could turn to for sensitive matters”.

Princess Diana's affair with Hewitt didn't begin until two years after Harry was born
Princess Diana’s affair with Hewitt didn’t begin until two years after Harry was born

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They added: “Fergie has sworn to take many of Diana’s secrets to the grave – but Harry not being Charles’ child is simply not one of them.”

The source also denied rumors that Prince Charles is not Harry’s father, as Diana ‘didn’t even meet Hewitt when Harry was conceived. [in 1984].”

“It is chronologically impossible for [Hewitt] be the father. It’s all just a stupid conspiracy theory and she’s really sick of it. There is absolutely no doubt that Charles is Harry’s father,” they said.




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