Elon Musk launches new Twitter poll on whether or not to allow suspended users after reinstating Trump’s account based on another poll


    Elon MuskHANNIBAL HANSCHKE /Getty Images

    • Elon Musk is polling again to make a big Twitter decision.

    • On Wednesday, he tweeted a poll asking whether Twitter should bring back suspended accounts that have not broken the law or “engaged in blatant spam.”

    • Days ago, Musk restored Donald Trump’s account after a similar poll, in which users voted narrowly to return him to Twitter.

    Elon Musk brought Donald Trump back to Twitter this week following the results of a user poll, and he could do the same with other suspended accounts.

    In a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, Musk came up with the idea of ​​allowing suspended users back on the platform en masse.

    “Should Twitter offer a blanket amnesty to suspended accounts, provided they haven’t broken the law or engaged in gross spam?” are new bearing is reading. At the time of writing, more than 1.8 million users have voted, with 71.9% yes and 28.1% no.

    It is unclear how many users currently have their accounts suspended and for how long those accounts have been closed.

    This is Musk’s second poll in a week on suspended accounts. Last Friday, he launched a poll asking whether former President Donald Trump should be allowed back on the platform. That poll received more than 15 million votes, with 51.8% choosing to reinstate Trump.

    Musk then reinstated Trump’s account, but Trump hasn’t tweeted since. He was kicked off Twitter nearly two years ago after his tweets prompted his followers to storm the Capitol during the deadly January 6 riot. He then started using a platform he founded shortly after, Truth Social, to communicate.

    During a virtual speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting last weekend, before the poll results were known, Trump said he was not interested in going back to Twitter. Twitter, you see what’s going on. It can make it, it can’t make it,” he said.

    Last month, Musk said there would be no “major content decisions or account recovery” before Twitter formed a content moderation board. In response to a tweet Tuesday, Musk addressed his reversal by saying, “A grand coalition of political/social activist groups agreed not to try to kill Twitter by starving us of advertising revenue if I agreed to this condition. They broke the deal.”

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