Everything is ready for the merger of schools: Pioneer Primary and Juying Primary mark a new start



While planning the merger over the nine months since its announcement, Dr Loke recounted the hard work of staff and teachers at both schools.

“We all know we have to move on to the merged school, and we know it’s important to have this new identity,” she said.

“Because we want to have that sense of belonging, so it’s very important that we can share with students and staff, this is the school you go to, it’s something you look forward to. So with that in mind, I think we’ve all been able to pull ourselves together. “

“What really mattered to me was making sure that the good work, the good programs that we relied on would continue one way or another,” Ms. Jaswant said.

“Sure, maybe not in total, but at least some of these programs can be paired with some of Pioneer’s good programs, and the good work can continue.”

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The two schools have found common ground in their approach to integrating environmental sustainability into the curriculum and student learning, and the new school will have an applied learning program centered around it.

All students from both schools also contributed a unique doodle, combined to create a piece of art that hangs in the foyer of Juying Primary. Taking the form of a boat with its sails covered in doodles, the piece depicts sailing to a glorious future.


Students TSTIME spoke to on Thursday said they were eager to make new friends and new CCAs. In particular, the students at Pioneer Primary said they were excited about the new facilities at the Juying Primary campus, which is the larger of the two.

Fifth grade student Vihaan Reddy Nalla said he was “quite sad” when he first learned of the fusion.

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“I spent five years in the Pioneer building, and now it’s going to be demolished. And then some of my friends too, because of the distance, they changed schools, so I was pretty sad, “he added.

But as a member of his school’s student leaders executive, he was fortunate enough to meet his counterparts on Zoom a few months ago, to discuss the names of the four houses at the new school.

“They were very friendly, very welcoming and I was open to making new friends,” Vihaan said.

The students on the committee were delighted to meet in person, and they were finally able to do so on Monday, while rehearsing for Thursday’s ceremony.

When the school reopens, there will also be weeklong orientation activities for students to get to know each other.

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But before that, the students had a physical tour of the campus earlier in November.

With the campus larger, Vihaan plans to get lost in her first week there. New students will receive name tags indicating their classes, so they can ask teachers for help navigating the new campus.

“I like the library because it is very beautiful and I am enthusiastic about the new play areas, as well as the different ecological gardens. Their school is much bigger than ours, ”said Ryhanna Suzaini, a pioneer 5th grade student.

Even though she is excited about the new facilities, Ryhanna is sad to see one of her favorite teachers leave.

“I’m a little upset that they don’t come. I only know of one that doesn’t come to Juying, which really upsets me because he’s my favorite teacher, ”she said, speaking fondly of her social studies teacher.



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