F1: Nikita Mazepin’s unsportsmanlike behavior would not be tolerated, says Masi


A Russian racing driver, Nikita Mazepin’s driving style has been called unsportsmanlike by Michael Masi, the F1 race director.

Mazepin was arrested for his behavior
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Mazepin was arrested for his behavior

F1 race director Michael Masi has drawn the line in the sand and said Nikita Mazepin’s driving behavior will not be tolerated if he continues. His words came the day after the Russian GP where he blocked Yuki Tsunoda at the last minute. “Going through turn 12, it’s just the movement he encountered so late with Yuki, overtaking with DRS – it’s one of the things we’ve said a few times and released in black and white for before, that this is unsportsmanlike conduct and not something we would tolerate, ”the F1 race director told The Race.

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Mazepin angered almost every driver on the grid with his antics, none more than his retired teammate Mick Schumacher in the Russian GP. Williams driver Nicholas Latifi revealed that Mazepin’s style himself was problematic as well, which contributed to such mistakes.


Nikita Mazepin’s father’s company is a major benefactor of the Haas F1 team

“He was always moving very late, nothing was worth it for me to come on the radio. But it’s kind of Nikita’s style, the way he drives. It didn’t seem to me to exceed the limit, but he lets it. always until the last minute which is not the best, but it is like that “, revealed the pilot Williams.

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“I don’t think there is any of that – we judge incidents based on what happened. different. So yes, ”Masi added.


Masi added however that this was not a major concern but he warned Mazepin but the Russian for his part did not comment on this and said he would examine his mistake.

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