‘Failing’ queen ‘puts away loose family ends’ before end of reign, expert says


A devoted queen is trying to ‘work out the loose ends’ in the royal family as her health declines, a royal expert has claimed.

This follows symbolic measures taken by Her Majesty to allow her son and heir, Prince Charles, to appear in her place for a number of high profile royal appearances.

This included the Queen’s Speech in May and a Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving earlier this month.

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Speaking to the Daily Mirror’s Pod Save the Queen podcast, biographer Andrew Morton said: “The Queen is a very orderly person and even as a little girl she used to keep her shoes neatly aligned and waking up at night and making sure everything was tidy, so there’s order in his character.

She made sure to tidy up how Camilla would be referred to in the future

“And you can see there’s a lot of tidying up going on by the minute towards the end of the reign.”

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“The biggest issue that needed to be addressed was Camilla and how she will be named going forward.

“The queen gradually bought [Camilla’s] increasingly high status. A few years ago she put her in the Privy Council so she could be there when the succession was announced.

Despite her advanced age, the Queen once again proved she is a trendsetter this week as the 96-year-old monarch was seen sporting a new hairstyle.

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The 96-year-old monarch has let other senior royals replace her in recent events
The 96-year-old monarch has let other senior royals replace her in recent events

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During a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury on Tuesday June 21, she appeared to have a classic hairstyle for women of a certain age – the perm.

And she was also seen without any walking aids, for the first time in many months.

It was his first public appearance since his platinum jubilee celebrations which took place over four days earlier this month.




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