Former US Indo-Pacific Commander Underlines Threat to Taiwan’s Outlying Islands


The former head of the US military’s Indo-Pacific Command — known for estimating that China could attack Taiwan by 2027 — has underlined Beijing’s threat, saying an invasion could include attacks on small, remote islands in hands of Taipei, an overlooked potential. flash point.

During an interview with The Japan Times in Tokyo on Wednesday, the retired adm. Philip Davidson noted that his March 2021 testimony before the Senate Armed Forces Committee had focused on the possibility of conflict — even smaller than a full-fledged invasion — involving the self-governed island.

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“When I was asked about this in 2021, at the Senate hearing, I was not asked about an invasion of Taiwan. I was asked about a possible conflict with Taiwan,” he said. “What does that mean? In my mind, that could be much lesser things than an all-out invasion. One of them is the threats to the outer islands, and I think it is a serious security problem for Taiwan.”



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