Gabby Petito’s mom breaks silence after shocking update in legal battle with Laundries


GABBY Petito’s mother, Nichole, has broken her silence following the addition of former Laundrie attorney Steven Bertolino to the lawsuit she and Joe Petito filed.

The motion was approved at a hearing in Florida on Tuesday.


Nichole Schmidt (center) has broken her silence after a hearing on TuesdayCredit: WFLA
Gabby Petito's family has filed a lawsuit against the family of her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie


Gabby Petito’s family has filed a lawsuit against the family of her boyfriend, Brian LaundrieCredit: Instagram/Gabby Petito
Brian Laundrie's family lawyer has been added to the lawsuit


Brian Laundrie’s family lawyer has been added to the lawsuitCredit: Instagram

Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt are suing Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, because they knew their son killed Petito.

After the motion to add Bertolino was granted, Schmidt spoke out.

“Gabby was with us,” she told local NBC affiliate WFLA.

“I could feel her.”

Brian Laundrie's parents seen for the first time since Gabby's shock claim


Judge Danielle Brewer ruled to grant the motion, ruling in favor of Petito and Schmidt and their attorneys.

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In September 2021, five days before Petito’s body was found in Grand Teton National Park, Bertolino issued a statement on behalf of Laundrie’s parents expressing hope that the vlogger would be found alive and reunited with her parents.

“It is believed that at the time the September 14, 2021 statement was issued, the laundries and Steven Bertolino knew that Gabby Petito had died and that the statement was insensitive, cold-hearted and outrageous under those circumstances,” said Pat Reilly. Petito and Schmidt’s attorney, told local NBC affiliate WFLA.

With Bertolino added to the suit, Gabby’s parents are “happy,” Reilly said.

“They have been through a lot. They had to hear many statements from Mr. Bertolino on behalf of the family, statements that were sometimes hurtful to them.

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“And so, they believe that by bringing in Mr. Bertolino, they will eventually get justice for what happened.”

Bertolino himself commented on the passing of the motion, telling WFLA, “The decision was not unexpected. This incident, like all others, will work out in the end. One way or another.”

“Once I am [served] I will engage a lawyer and act accordingly.”

Attorney Matt Luka told WFLA that Bertolino will likely file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

“We are hopeful that the judge will grant Mr. Bertolino’s motion to dismiss if he files one, and that this will not be a problem once we go to court,” he said.

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Gabby’s family has already been awarded $3 million from Brian Laundrie’s estate for a wrongful death lawsuit.

However, Laundrie’s parents are still facing legal troubles as the grieving family claims the couple refused to disclose crucial information that would have implicated their son.

Petito and Schmidt have filed a civil lawsuit against the laundries, which will go to a jury trial in August.

Meanwhile, the laundries filed a motion earlier this month asking Petito and Schmidt for evidence.

The request concerns communications Gabby’s parents had with state and federal authorities, and any contact they had with Gabby, Brian or the Laundrie family.

The laundries are also looking for all of Gabby’s and her parents’ phone records between July 2, 2021 and September 30, 2021.

Documents and communications related to fees or contracts for publishing rights, film rights, or television rights are also requested.

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According to the document, a total of 21 requests were made by the Laundrie family, giving Petito and Schmidt 30 days to present the evidence.


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