Google Doodle is looking for artwork on THIS patriotic theme: How to participate in the Doodle For Google challenge


Every August, Jessica Yu and a hand-picked committee of Google employees from a variety of departments begin the challenging but ultimately rewarding process of selecting the Google Doodles to appear on Google’s homepage for the coming year. Every week a lot of time is spent talking and working to make Doodle magic.

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In 25 years, India will have celebrated 100 years of independence, and its citizens from all walks of life have hopes and dreams for the country’s future. Google, the world’s largest search engine, is holding a doodle contest for students across the country on the theme: “In 25 years my India will…”.

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“As you grow, India grows with you. Your hopes and dreams can help shape the country’s future. So what would you like to see India achieve in the next 25 years? Is it a space station on Mars? Or is it something you” would you like to do for India? Maybe you can invent something that will make India a world leader! Imagine! How would you like to see India in the next 25 years? Just like you, India is getting bigger
and brighter every day,” the search giant Google said in a note.

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The TSTIME to enter the competition is September 30th at 9pm

The Google Doodle Contest: How to Enter

The doodle contest requires a parent, guardian, or educator to submit an entry on behalf of a student to an educational institution or nonprofit. Students and their schools or organizations must complete a basic information form before submitting a doodle. Doodles can be made with any medium, on the form itself or on a separate piece of paper. It is possible to submit more than one entry.

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If you cannot send your entry electronically, you can always use regular mail.

To submit your entry by post, all you need to do is print out the form, carefully stick your drawings onto the printed version with glue or clear tape and send it to the address listed on the website. Each submission must include a title, description, and parental approval.

It is required that a high quality photo of the doodles be taken under excellent lighting conditions and uploaded to the website in .png or .jpeg format.



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