Guide to Christmas gifts 2022: Top gifts to help travelers sleep on planes


    If you’re looking for a gift that travelers will love, give them something to help them sleep on a plane. After all, how many eyes you close during your trip can determine whether your holiday starts on the right foot. And while an airplane isn’t exactly the most comfortable place to sleep in the world, giving your favorite globetrotter a new travel pillow, blanket-inspired scarf, or eye mask can make a big difference, even if they’re stuck in the back of the economy cabin.

    Here are eight of the best gifts for travelers to help you sleep better on planes.

    Pluto POD

    Upgrade a jetsetter’s travel pillow with the Pluto POD. Designed with input from frequent travelers, flight attendants and sleep experts, this innovative travel pillow slips like a cozy hood and provides extra support around the neck and chin. It also includes a built-in eye mask that can be a great relief if the person in the next row still has their reading light on at 2am. shop – the Pluto POD has handy poppers that allow it to be rolled up between flights and attached to the handle of your suitcase. $145 at

    Gobi cashmere sweatpants and sweater

    This cashmere sweatpants and sweater set from Gobi is the perfect gift for a traveler who wants a good night’s sleep on a flight, but isn’t willing to wear pajamas in public. The relaxed silhouette and neutral taupe color will look stylish on your trip, especially paired with sneakers. But the real magic comes from the 100% Mongolian cashmere fabric. These thick, soft and breathable garments feel like a hug for your whole body. It’s just what a traveler needs for a first-class nap on their next long-haul flight. $219 for sweater and $249 for joggers at

    Loop earplugs

    Noise-canceling headphones can help travelers shut out distractions when they’re ready to nap, but their size doesn’t exactly make it easy to get comfortable in your seat. Enter Loop Earbuds. These new earbuds can reduce noise by 27 decibels – quiet enough to create a more sleep-friendly environment, but quiet enough that travelers won’t be able to hear important crew announcements. The silicone earbuds make them fit more comfortably in the ear than those conventional foam earbuds and the signature loop design makes them look like a cool piece of jewelry. Plus, they come in a durable plastic carrying case that’s about the size of an Apple AirTag, so they’re easy to stash in a travel bag. $19.95 at

    Asutra Melatonin Lotion

    If you want to give a traveler something, you can For real help them sleep on planes, try this lotion from Asutra. The lemongrass-scented lotion, which comes in a TSA-friendly bottle, is infused with sleep-inducing melatonin and magnesium. Half an hour before it’s time to fly on a flight, all a traveler needs to do is apply the lotion to his temples, neck and shoulders and then get ready to enjoy the best night’s sleep he’s ever had during a flight. The moisturizing formula also helps fend off dry skin from airplane air. $21.99 at

    Chappy Wrap Scarf

    Without the airlines’ strict carry-on restrictions, an heirloom quality blanket from ChappyWrap would undoubtedly be the ultimate gift to help travelers sleep on planes. Fortunately, the brand has something just as good (and doesn’t take up all the space in your suitcase): Scarves. Made from a lighter version of the signature cotton blend used in the original ChappyWrap blankets, these wraps feel like a cozy cocoon. Their warmth and comfort can help travelers catch some quality Zzz’s in the air. They are also a stylish cold-weather accessory for travel. $90 at

    Sanuk slippers

    These cozy slippers from Sanuk can keep travelers’ toes toasty and help them sleep on long, chilly flights. But these stylish faux sheep slippers are not only comfortable, they are also practical. They are designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors, so travelers don’t have to change into another pair of shoes as they walk through the airport. The recipient of this travel gift will also find it easier to rest knowing they are treading lightly on the planet. The slippers are made from sustainable materials, such as EVA foam from sugar cane, recycled polyester and leather from responsible sources. $90 at

    Coalatree puffy Kachula adventure blanket

    The Coalatree Puffy Kachula Adventure Blanket helps travelers sleep much better on planes than those dingy polyester blankets from the airlines. Made from the same material as a puffy jacket, this hooded blanket is warm and lightweight. The water and spill-resistant blanket stores easily in a self-contained hidden zipper pocket and fits in a backpack. This multifunctional product can also be used as a travel pillow, picnic blanket and poncho. In other words, it’s a traveler’s BFF. $69 at

    Mumi Design Sweet Dreams Set

    This “sweet dreams kit” from Mumi Design is the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who can sleep better on their next vacation or business trip. The hero product of the kit is the eye mask. It uses memory foam to create a more comfortable fit and keep out light without messing up a traveler’s makeup. And it has a cute lash design — a nod to the sleep mask Audrey Hepburn wore in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The mask plus a pair of reusable earplugs come ready-to-use in a travel-friendly case. $12 at



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