‘Heat pumps for everyone’ is a cult that the government must get rid of


If you spend £13,000 on that heat pump, what do you get? Well, it’s not free energy. Without the government’s “energy price guarantee”, consumers would rely on Ofgem to keep energy prices in check.

Using their figures, without state intervention, the average gas bill would be £2,040 a year. A heat pump, assuming it reaches the government’s desired efficiency level, would cost £500 more per year.

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That’s right; the consumer has paid £13,000 to be £500 a year poorer. It does save carbon compared to gas and that is important to some. Very few families can afford the luxury of being so virtuous.

Yes, it’s possible to tinker with your new heat pump to improve efficiency, but at best parity with a gas bill is hardly much of an attraction when spending such sums. And is that how you want to spend your precious free time? But that’s not all, the inconvenience and inconvenience should not be overlooked.

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