House Republicans use Russian video to reveal their agenda for America


House Republicans use Russian stock footage to promote their midterm election agenda for America.

Jennifer Bendery of The Singapore Time tweeted:

House Republicans celebrated America’s national resources with footage from Russia, so branded it’s almost too nosey.

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These are easy mistakes to avoid. Do not buy Russian stock footage. Don’t use Russian stock footage in your video promoting America’s natural resources.

Republicans continue to make these embarrassing blunders with their ads and videos, and they were born out of laziness. Republicans have not learned that people are going to control their purchasing.

House Republicans commit to America and can’t be bothered to use American imagery.

The real House GOP has nothing to do with improving the lives of Americans, but it is all about raising the prices of prescription drugs and lowering Social Security and Medicare.

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House Republicans commit to an agenda that will make the lives of the American people worse. Kevin McCarthy and his gang are only interested in taking people away rather than giving them opportunities and advancement, and worse, they don’t care enough to ensure that the imagery they use to promote their facade is American .


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