How iKhokha’s New Smart Card Machine Will Grow SA Businesses


Over the past decade, South African fintech firm iKhokha has developed digital payment solutions to support small business owners.

iKhokha just introduced a smart card machine in their line of payment solutions – the iK Flyer.

Here are five reasons why the iK Flyer is a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs

1. Free automatic software updates

The iK Flyer comes preloaded with the iKhokha app and will be upgraded automatically when new updates become available.

While the launch version includes a standard version of the app, the device will soon include iKhokha’s exclusive business tools such as: iK Cash advance, iK Vend and iK Pay link.

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2. Better connection and faster speed

The WiFi-enabled iK Flyer also has two built-in 4G SIM cards with unlimited data. This gives the business owner the ability to switch between Wi-Fi and two additional network providers to find the strongest network.

3. Fast printer for faster sales

The iK Flyer includes a built-in thermal printer that prints physical receipts at high speeds. You can also skip printing and email a digital copy to the customer.

4. Durable Removable Battery

Unlike card machines with built-in batteries, the iK Flyer comes with a high-capacity battery that can be easily removed and replaced. This eliminates the need to re-invest in a new device over time.

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The iK Flyer is the only ticket machine in the mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) area with a charging station that keeps it charged and safe when not in use.

5. Business Management Tools

The smart device also includes a business management suite, making it easier for entrepreneurs to carry out their day-to-day work. The device makes it possible to switch personnel and get an administrative overview of personnel performance, company inventory and sales.

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Helping SA companies rise with the iK Flyer

Ramsay Daly, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of iKhokha, is eager to see this exciting innovation impact South African SMEs.

“The iK Flyer packs the best of iKhokha’s software products into one high-quality card maker, ensuring entrepreneurs have all the tools they need to succeed in the South African business environment,” says Daly.

The iK Flyer is launched at a competitive price of R1999, including the charging dock. For more information about iKhokha’s devices and services, please visit



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