How to Be a CEO Podcast: Juro’s Richard Mabey on Accelerating Contracts


    ichard Mabey resigned from his practice as a lawyer to continue his mission of making, amending and signing contracts faster and easier.

    In 2016, he launched Juro, a contract automation platform designed for lawyers and businesses that could replace emails, programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and cloud-based storage.

    Last year the company processed 500,000 contracts and Richard aims to make Juro the standard contracting platform in the world.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • How everyone can benefit from faster contracts
    • Richard’s journey from lawyer to CEO
    • Do established companies need more conviction about new technical solutions?
    • The challenges of selling new systems
    • The use of AI and natural language processing
    • Will new technology such as Juro lead to job losses?
    • The importance of information security

    Listen here or here:

    You can also find us wherever you stream your podcasts.



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