In Japan’s Upper House poll, CDP fights to stay relevant


Seven months after Japan’s largest opposition party chose a new leadership following a disastrous Lower House election in October, the party now finds itself limping in the Upper House election. of July 10 with a low number of polls and questions swirling around him about what will happen if he fails to hold seats, let alone win them.

An NHK poll released on Monday showed support for the Democratic Constitutional Party of Japan was just 5.1% – ahead of ruling coalition member Komeito (4.3%) and Nippon Ishin no Kai (3 .7%), but well behind the 38.4% support rate for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. A TSTIME News poll published on Sunday showed that 7% of those polled would vote for the CDP under the proportional representation system – Upper House polls also see votes cast for candidates in multi-seat constituencies – behind Nippon Ishin no Kai (7.7%) and far behind the PLD (27.3%).



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