Investigation continues near Northfield, NH, where 2 boys and mother were found dead


NORTHFIELD, New Hampshire — Police will be in Northfield and Tilton, New Hampshire on Saturday to further investigate the murders of a mother and her two young sons.

Law enforcement will be visible near Wethersfield Drive, Shaker Road, Tilton Road and Laconia Road, as well as the ramp areas entering Route 93.

25-year-old Kassandra Sweeney, her 4-year-old son Benjamin and 1-year-old son Mason were Found dead Wednesday morning at their home. Autopsies showed that each died from a single gunshot wound and the coroner ruled that all three deaths were like homicides.

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“The search activity does not pose a threat to the public and will consist of a search for physical evidence. The search activity is not the result of new information in the case, but is part of the ongoing investigation process,” a statement from the attorney said. of New Hampshire. That’s what the general said on Saturday.

The AG reiterated that investigators have identified all involved and that there is no danger to the public. No arrests have been announced at this time.

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