‘Marvel’s Avengers’ heads to Xbox Game Pass after year-long deal with Sony


For a long time, it seemed like one of the best paths for Marvel’s Avengers to go would appear on a service like Xbox Game Pass, where it could essentially become a free game for gamers. Now that is becoming a reality two days from September 30, according to a newly published blog post.

Last year, when Square Enix’s Outriders had a deal with Xbox, launching this game on Game Pass this spring, Square Enix’s Avengers had a deal with Sony, which included ads, a possible feature on PS Now, and the promise of an exclusive Spider-Man PS-hero, which has yet to be released.

So what is going on? Marvel’s Avengers just celebrated their first anniversary, and I’m assuming the Sony deal expired, and as such, they were then allowed to pursue something like this feature on Xbox Game Pass. Spider-Man is still coming, I’ve been told that a specific deal with Sony is on lockdown and no, it won’t be on Xbox, but the “official” period of the deal is over.

With Marvel’s Avengers moving to Xbox Game Pass, that means a huge amount of content is now free. The base game has a very solid campaign that you can now access at no cost, and since the game’s release there is Kate Bishop, Hawkeye and more recently a Black Panther campaign which have all been free, they are not. no paid DLC.

The alone The paid items in Marvel’s Avengers are cosmetics, skins, emotes, and takedowns, as well as battle passes for each character that do not expire and also contain skins, emotes, and takedowns. And recently, it was confirmed that Avengers will be getting content until 2022, which means new heroes after Spider-Man this holiday season, ones that will be available for all platforms.

Marvel’s Avengers remains somewhat perplexed as to its long-term fate. The game is widely viewed by many as a failure, in part because of the fact that Square Enix himself has said he’s disappointed with the sales. And yet… this is not the case? Avengers is actually in the top 10 best-selling NPD games of the year, the only IP with no sequel and no franchise on the list, which is pretty impressive. And that’s why I think he keeps producing content and making new moves like this Game Pass deal.

I know it’s going to be a busy fall in the fall, but if you’ve got the time and don’t want to pay for a game beyond what you’re already paying for Game Pass, Avengers is an easy recommendation. I once suggested it to people when it was on sale for $ 30 or less, and now that it’s on Game Pass? Absolutely check it out. He has his issues of being a long-term raider to cultivate, but the character kits alone are worth the price of admission, and all of the heroes are fun to play.

Hopefully that’s a good sign for the future, and we’ll see what the game has in store for the future here.

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