Matthew Judon surprises Patriots fan with new wheelchair after being rescued from train tracks


FOXBORO – It was a day of surprises and gratitude at Gillette Stadium Friday for a Holbrook man thanks to the Patriots organization.

WBZ caught up with Jamarc Tidwell for the first time in Holbrook earlier this week after Good Samaritans Megan and Matt Pohl then saved him his old wheelchair got stuck on the track of an approaching train.

All he wanted that day was a cup of coffee before the Patriots game.

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On Friday, JT’s mother thanked the couple. “You saved me and my family a lot of tears,” Toya Tidwell told the Pohls. “From one mother to another baby, thank you so much.”

This is when the surprises started for JT, a diehard Patriots fan. The group toured the Patriots Hall of Fame and met linebacker Matt Judon.

Judon offered both families tickets to Sunday’s home opener against The Baltimore Ravens.

And if that wasn’t enough, with the help of Judon and Mobility Equipment Recyclers of Rhode Island, JT was offered a brand new wheelchair.

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“We just heard about the story and wanted to help,” Judon said. “The Patriots gave them the tickets and we came up with enough money to get the man a wheelchair. It’s something that will fit him much better.”

The new wheelchair has bigger tires to keep it from getting caught in the rails, and a cup holder for his coffee rides.

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“It’s a relief to know he’s safe now,” Toya Tidwell said.

“I’m so glad he got something that not only did he need, but he now has the Cadillac,” said Megan Pohl. “He’s going to ride in style.”



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