Mechanic’s record fight with arm condition more painful than childbirth


A mechanic who broke the world record for the most push-ups in one hour has achieved the incredible feat despite an illness he says is “more painful than childbirth”.

Daniel Scali, 28, from Australia managed to break the previous record of 3,054.

His brilliant effort in April has now been verified and he officially holds the Guinness World Record – the second to his name.

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Daniel also holds the record for the longest time spent in the abdominal plank position, clocking an incredible 9 hours 30 minutes last August.

And he achieved it while suffering from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which he has had since he was a child.

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Surprisingly, this is Daniel’s second world record

“CRPS is ranked 42 out of 50 on the McGill Pain Index. To put that into perspective, childbirth is estimated at 40 years,” said Daniel, from Henley Beach, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.

“It developed when I broke my arm in a bad accident and it’s practically my brain telling my left arm that there’s pain there.

“Anything from a soft touch, wind or slight movement can cause unbearable pain, so I shower without getting my left arm wet.

“The water, in particular, is like a razor blade running over my arm.”

Daniel always pushes through his pain

Daniel, who has suffered from this incurable disease since the age of 12, says it has had a huge effect on his life.

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Often he couldn’t go out because of the constant pain, and sometimes he was hospitalized for long periods of time and needed local anesthesia to relieve his suffering.

“I wanted to put purpose behind what I’ve been through and continue to live with SDRC,” he said.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I had learned to deal with and deal with pain, which led me to my [world record] attempts.”

He also holds the record for the longest time in a plank position.

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While breaking both records, he also managed to raise £50,000 for the Australian Pain Management Association.

“If you convince yourself that pain is fuel to keep you alive, I’ve convinced myself that pain is a weakness that leaves my body,” he said.

“For me, breaking these records has been about raising awareness in chronic pain sufferers and instilling confidence in others.

“I believe anyone is capable of anything they set themselves to achieve.”

The men’s pushup record was previously held by fellow Aussie Jarrad Young.


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