Michigan ‘cannibal’ pleads guilty to killing and eating a man named Kevin Bacon


A Michigan man accused of killing, chopping and eating parts of another man has pleaded guilty.

Mark David Latunski, 52, presented his plea to Judge Matthew J Stewart in the 35th district court on Thursday, according to MLive.com.

He pleaded guilty to charges of public murder and mutilation of a body. “Open murder” includes both first and second degree murder. A hearing on October 18 will determine whether he will be convicted of first-degree murder or manslaughter.

Latunski killed, mauled and consumed parts of a 25-year-old victim named Kevin Bacon in 2019.

Days after the murder, police discovered Bacon’s mutilated remains in Latunski’s basement. He was then arrested and charged.

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According to police reports, Bacon was stabbed, hung by his ankles, his throat slit, and then parts of his body were removed and eaten by Latunski.

The defendant’s attorney advised against joining the plea and had originally intended to conduct an insanity defense for her client.

“Although this is not a result that” [defense attorney] Mr. Krause and I think it is in Mr. Latunski’s best interest that we follow Mr. Latunski’s wishes,” said Mary Chartier, Latunski’s lawyer, in the courtroom. “We have discussed this matter and consistently he has been very clear, more than once, several times, about his choice and his reasoning.”

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If convicted, Latunski faces a life sentence.

Ms Chartier said she respected her client’s decision to plead guilty but believes he would be better suited to be cared for in a clinical setting and not in prison.

Bacon and Latunski met through a dating app, TSTIME reports. The men met at Latunski’s house and—according to Latunski—Mr. Bacon told him he was suicidal.

Latunksi confessed to investigators that he told Bacon that he could help him “disappear”. He said he stabbed the man in the back of the neck but then slit his throat after realizing he was still alive. He claimed he did this to make sure Bacon wouldn’t suffer.

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The defendant told investigators that he often eats Rocky Mountain oysters — bull’s testicles — and decided to do the same with Bacon’s body parts. Bacon’s TSTIME was found in a frying pan on a stovetop in Latunski’s house, and Latunski’s TSTIME was found on the handle.

“He went up there, he saw that in his words, ‘it was a new moon,'” said Michigan State Police Department Detective Sargent James Moore. “Latunski said he normally eats Rocky Mountain oysters and said instead of the oysters in his freezer, he decided to use Kevin Bacon’s testicles.”


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