Mickie James unsure if AEW is interested in signing her, says ‘it sucks’ to see her friends released by WWE


As previously reported, Ariel Helwani interviewed Mickie James to talk about her upcoming WWE Royal Rumble appearance, closing the deal, and her thoughts on possible future ‘forbidden door’ opportunities.

James was asked his thoughts on WWE releasing so many over the past two years:

“It’s head-scratching but they’ve also had an immense number of hires over the years so the business grew when it went down the road because it had almost like an entire division from NXT and WWE and then obviously the pandemic has, I think, crushed everyone, especially live events and tours and all those things and I don’t know… it sucks. It sucks for my friends. It sucks for my friends not having a place to work and now that there’s, you know, there seems to be competition like now they have a place to go, but Ring of Honor is kind of sort closed behind him. So it’s like all these things but I don’t know, I feel like the business is constantly evolving. And it always goes through ups and downs, it goes through these things, and it kind of sucks. And it sucks to be on one side. And I just hope everyone uses it as a simple repositioning, and just enjoys growing up and doing something different or added to whatever, because it’s crazy. You know, it’s just crazy out there. And I think it’s cool that…there seem to be more places to go now. It’s just, it’s just different. You know, the business just changed so much, and I don’t know what it’s going to continue to look like, especially with touring in the next five years, if it doesn’t change one way or another.

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James was asked if there’s been any interest in her from AEW:

“I don’t know, I was never like technically contacted by AEW. But I think they all knew I was going to be working with my husband in NWA. And I really wanted to do this female show. It was really important to me. Uh, yeah, I think there are obviously games and girls I wanted to work with, and I would have entertained or talked about that for sure. But I also think about my history with the Impact. And I felt like, even with Empowerrr, I was able to fill in some of those gaps and build relationships and kind of open those conversations and those doors and I didn’t know if I wanted to sign something long term, like locked up for several years or something either. I just did it because I’ve been doing it for so long. And I don’t know, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to do the girl show.And then I would think about wrestling after that…I don’t wrestle. e than for Impact and NWA and now WWE… I really have so many things I’m working on now between our supplement company and mom, as much as I can full time all the time. when I’m home, and my horses and everything, and I just want to be able to focus on him and those things, and then there’s little projects, and then just fighting for the championship, and stuff like that.

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