People are on the move: Mosaic creates an international cybernetics team; Howden Appoints 19 People for Construction Division in EMEA


Bermuda-based Mosaic Insurance has expanded its cybersecurity business line internationally, with the addition of new team members to its UK-based unit.

The specialist insurer began purchasing global cybernetic coverage from Chicago on April 1, just two months after the launch, with its head office in Bermuda, of a new Lloyd’s Syndicate (1609) and a network of centers. underwriting in the US, UK and Asia.

Mosaic’s cyber team in London is the product’s first international unit, with more to follow as the company expands into new jurisdictions.

New additions to the Mosaic cybersecurity team in London include:

  • George cole, AVP, Underwriter, International Cyber, works with global clients to develop solutions and develop a sustainable cyber portfolio. Previously, he was Assistant Underwriting at Occam Underwriting, after completing Lloyd’s of London Graduate Program. He is a licensed ACII licensed insurer.
  • Lucy Barker-Hahlo, Junior Underwriter, International Cyber, supports the unit and focuses on underwriting accounts. Previously, she worked as an assistant underwriter at EmergIn Risk, an MGA of the Ryan Specialized Group, specializing in cyber, technology and media for US and international clients.

Both report to James Tuplin, Head of international cybersecurity at Mosaic, which is developing the international cybernetics portfolio in London, Continental Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. His unit supports the work of Mosaic’s US-based cyber underwriting team, including Yosha DeLong, Global Head of Cyber, and Brian Dusek, Head of Americas Cyber, both in Chicago, and Daisy Lopez, Global Head of Cyber production in New York.

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Mosaic’s international cyber team, from left to right: James Tuplin, George Cole and Lucy Barker-Hahlo

“With the cybermarket tightening rapidly in 2021 and rate hikes ranging between 40% and 50% on average, we believe now is the perfect time to grow our international cyber team,” DeLong said. “Relying on our London unit strengthens our network of market-leading talent and enables us to powerfully develop our global cybernetics offering. “

In the face of growing threats from cyber warfare, data breaches, ransomware, and other attacks on systems and software, Mosaic’s cybersecurity coverage aims to protect various types of industries from emerging risks. Its cyber teams help clients prevent attacks and minimize consequential damage, from crisis and legal defense services to business disruption and data recovery. Mosaic offers a maximum capacity of £ 10million ($ 13.6million), internationally.

Mosaic’s six business lines launched to date include: Transactional Liability, Cyber, Political Risk, Political Violence, Financial and Professional Lines.


Howden makes 19 appointments in EMEA in Construction division

Howden, the London-based insurance broker, has announced the appointment of 19 new senior construction specialists in London and Dubai. Led by recently appointed Naresh Dade, global construction manager, and Andrew Harrison Sleap, Deputy Global Construction Manager, the enhanced team will focus on developing bespoke retail and specialty solutions for Howden’s construction customers.

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The new recruits are:

  • André Birt, Executive Director and Head of UK Projects
  • Duncan willcocks, Executive Director and Head of UK Contractors
  • David Lyle, Executive Director and Deputy Director of UK Contractors
  • Neil higgins, Executive Director and Claims Manager for Construction and Infrastructure Assets
  • Paul tubb, Executive Director and Head of Infrastructure Assets
  • Larissa Rosam, Division Director, International Construction
  • Martin hurley, division director
  • James raven, division director
  • Christophe Graves, division director
  • Steve mcguckin, division director, operations manager
  • Nick sparrow, Associate Director at Dubai Hub
  • Mike robinson, Associate Director
  • Lizzie conolly, Associate Director
  • Jessica lee, Associate Director
  • Matheu Challinor, Division Director, Infrastructure Assets
  • Karen O’Donnell, Division Director, Infrastructure Assets
  • Nicole welch, Associate Director, Infrastructure Assets
  • Emma Archer, Associate Director, Infrastructure Assets
  • Jacques Gilbert, Account Executive, Infrastructure Assets

Diving into those appointments, Howden said he had appointed four executive directors: Andrew Birt, head of UK projects; Duncan Willcocks, head of UK entrepreneurs; David Lyle, Deputy Director of UK Contractors, and Neil Higgins, Claims Manager for Construction and Infrastructure Assets.

Division managers Larissa Rosam, Martin Hurley, Christopher Graves and Steve McGuckin will join the company in October. Christopher Graves will join the international team in November 2021 and Steve McGuckin will join in the first quarter of 2022 as Division Director and COO. James Crow joined Aon in August and will support the team with the UK retail proposition.

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Separately, the Construction Division Associate Director’s Bench has been bolstered to include Nick Sparrow, Mike Robinson, Jessica Lee and Lizzie Conolly joining Marsh JLT. Sparrow joins the division’s hub in Dubai, with Robinson, Lee and Conolly based in London.

The recently launched Infrastructure Assets team will integrate division directors Karen O’Donnell and Matheu Challinor, and associate directors Nicole Welch and Emma Archer in October. They will be supported by Jack Gilbert, who is joining Aon’s account manager, where he specialized in PFI / PPP and onshore renewable energies.

This significant investment in talent will strengthen Howden’s current team focused on international projects. New recruits will join the Executive Directors Jean Perrin and Mark playle, division director Robert webb, associate directors Orla Crosara, and Leandro Ramírez, and Connor martiello, an account manager serving international clients through the Howden construction portfolio.

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