Pilot is on trial for murdering campers



Former pilot Greg Lynn is on trial for the murders of campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay at a remote campground in Victoria’s alpine region.

Mr Lynn replied “not guilty” when asked on Wednesday by magistrate Brett Sonnet how he pleaded the two murder charges.

The warrant to stand trial follows days of secret recording evidence, blood spatter analysis, phone records and a secret but potentially explosive police interrogation.

Mr Lynn was charged with murdering the campers in November 2021, whose missing person case became one of Australia’s most high-profile crime stories in March 2020.

It is alleged that 56-year-old Mr. Lynn killed the couple on March 20 of that year, while they were all camping in the remote Wonnangatta area of ​​Victoria’s Alpine region.

How he allegedly killed them or what the motive was has not been revealed at a hearing at Melbourne Magistrates Court, where prosecutors and Mr Lynn’s defense team tested the evidence against him.

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Chief Investigator Detective Sergeant Brett Florence was the last witness in the hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

He revealed that there was at least one other person of interest when Mr Lynn was first approached by police in mid-2020.

Detective Florence said officers were concerned about Mr Lynn’s mental health on the morning of his arrest, at a campsite near Arbuckle Junction in the Highlands. But he rejected a suggestion from Mr Lynn’s lawyer, Dermot Dann KC, that the pilot had been at a “mental breaking point”.

Detective Florence also admitted that despite those early concerns, police did not request a physical or mental health examination of Mr Lynn following his arrest.

Following Mr Lynn’s arrest, he was formally questioned by Detective Florence and another officer for four days.

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Details of what was said during that interview, as well as in a conversation with police on 14 July 2020 and a formal statement he made that day have been suppressed following a successful application by Mr Dann.

He said the contents of those pieces of evidence could be considered potentially explosive and argued that they posed a real and substantial risk of harm to the administration of justice.

Among the details aired at a four-day hearing were allegations that Mr. Lynn allegedly murdered Mr. Hill and Mrs. Clay — childhood sweethearts reunited later in life — at their Bucks Camp campground sometime after 6 p.m. on March 20.

Summarizing some of the evidence, police claimed that the circumstances of the couple’s deaths and Mr Lynn’s conduct afterwards were consistent with his intent to kill them, or at least genuinely serious cause injury.

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It is alleged that Mr Lynn contaminated and staged the crime scene – setting fire to the couple’s camp to deliberately destroy evidence.

He is also charged with removing evidence and disposing of the couple’s remains, burning, scattering and partially burying them at a separate site near Dargo in May 2020 and/or November 2020.

Listening devices were installed in Mr. Lynn’s house and car in Caroline Springs, and he reportedly held conversations with himself about the deaths of Mr. Hill and Mrs. Clay.

Mr Lynn was formally charged with murder on November 25, 2021. The couple’s remains were found four days later.

He has not applied for bail and will remain in custody until a hearing in the Victorian Supreme Court in March.



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