Police investigate KC ‘hitman’ allegedly involved in fatal shooting: Court records


A Kansas City man was being investigated by local and federal authorities as a ‘hitman’ suspected of being responsible for at least one murder in the area and another attempted murder in the past four months, according to court records.

The 39-year-old, who is not named because he has not been charged with the crime, is currently under a federal detention order after being arrested for an alleged parole violation federal court resulting from a previous firearms conviction. The arrest came as part of a violent crime-focused effort by the FBI and Kansas City police, court records show.

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Citing confidential informants, authorities say the suspect is a gun used by area drug dealers in the Kansas City subway. Police also say he is suspected of selling guns to minors.

Police believe the suspect is responsible for the February 2022 murder of a man in Kansas City by a shooter who allegedly wore a face covering resembling a ski mask. He is also believed to be involved in a non-fatal shooting that occurred on May 25.

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Authorities allege the man discussed the two shootings via text message.

Police informants reported that the man had posted photos and videos of himself on social media platforms posing with guns and using illegal drugs. His probation officer was also told the suspect was selling weapons to minors and given a photo of the parolee holding an assault rifle.

When arresting the suspect earlier this month, police reported finding two handguns inside a vehicle along with cellphones and a black ski mask similar to one allegedly seen during the February murder in Kansas City. The man allegedly admitted in a police interview that he owned firearms, which would be a felony as he already has a felony conviction on his criminal record.

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