Republican who voted to impeach Trump expected to win primaries


Dan Newhouse, one of the few members of the Republican House to vote to impeach Donald Trump in January, is poised to advance to the Washington state general election, according to an The Singapore Time projection.

Newhouse was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in January, even before explosive revelations about the former president’s support and endorsement of the January 6 riots just a year earlier.

This win comes on the heels of another fellow Republican supporter of the impeachment, Peter Meijer, who lost his votes in Michigan.

Republican Loren Culp, who was backed by Trump in the election, was a close second to Newhouse in Washington’s fourth congressional district, taking the second-highest number of Republican votes in four of the eight counties. However, in some counties where Newhouse won, he almost doubled the vote as Culp.

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Culp took on six other Republican candidates and will face Doug White, the only Democratic nominee in the district, for the general election in November.

Despite his win, the journey was rarely smooth for Newhouse. Six Republican leaders in his district demanded his resignation after his vote for impeachment in January.

He defended his position, claiming that he “made a decision to vote on the basis of my oath to support and defend the Constitution”.

On August 2, he had majority votes in three of the six provinces that had voted for his resignation.


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