Republicans in Disarray Like Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon Try to Overthrow Kevin McCarthy


Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon call for Kevin McCarthy to be overthrown as leader of the Republican House so that Jim Jordan can replace him.

Video of Gaetz and Bannon:

Gaetz said at CPAC: “If someone pushes themselves to be the leader of our party and our movement, they can’t stand up for the morass, for the establishment and the bureaucratic permanent state. They have to assist us in exposing these problems, and if Kevin McCarthy doesn’t allow us to find these answers, he shouldn’t be the leader of the Republican conference.”

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Bannon then asked the audience, “What do you think of that? Do we want Jim Jordan?”

Kevin McCarthy’s Red Wave Is Gone And Now Matt Gaetz And Steve Bannon Are Trying To Overthrow It

The red wave has dissipated as McCarthy saw the expected number of Republican house seats go from his boast of 60-70 earlier in the year to 15-30, while the number is decreasing by the week.

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It is becoming increasingly possible that even if Republicans take back the House, they will have a slim majority, leaving Kevin McCarthy ripe for overthrow. The far right in the House has told anyone who will listen that they want Jordan, not McCarthy, to be the next Speaker.

The fact that Gaetz and Bannon, two people who should be behind bars, are advocating for the man who covered up the Ohio state wrestling scandal to lead them speaks volumes about the state of the Republican Party.

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Kevin McCarthy just isn’t criminal enough to be the Republican Speaker of the House.


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