Sandra Choi on the new collection and fall campaign Jimmy Choo led by Hailey Bieber


Glamor is on the cards for the new Jimmy Choo fall ’21 collection, but then when?

Allure, fun and glamor have always radiated Choo shoes and accessories, and therefore, who better to lead the campaign than Hailey Bieber, a woman who exudes these same traits.

The new collection, titled “Time To Dare,” was captured on location in Los Angeles by Pierre-Ange Carlotti, and showcases both city-wide panoramas and intimate close-ups. The focus here is on Hailey’s confidence, her daring nature, her high octane appeal, and of course, matching shoes, handbags, and glasses.

Expect boldness with bold shapes and colors in the form of mesh and metallic leather pumps, houndstooth print mules, killer heels with crystal ankle straps, and chunky chunky heels. boots that show you’re serious.

As we head into fall, Sandra introduces us to the new collection and campaign.

Felicity Carter: Tell us about the fall ’21 collection.

Sandra Choi: I was inspired by the power of identity, the reformer of the street and the new youth subculture it influences. With the prevalence of social media, anyone can post anything at any time, that confidence in their identity is powerful – daring to be themselves. It reminded me of the 60s and 70s; the mood of optimism, the changing and changing society, the excitement of the future, the possibilities to come. I emphasized the volume, and the richness of the materials – the finesse of the satin, the luxurious velvet and the play of the star – Jimmy Choo’s emblem, transforming it into a repeated houndstooth pattern.

FC: What’s in the title “Time to Dare”?

SC: Time to Dare is a call to action, the collection is designed for free, free and confident women. Confident in their own skin, celebrating their own energy, spirit and femininity.

FC: How does Hailey Bieber represent the Choo lifestyle and client?

SC: Hailey is the embodiment of the Jimmy Choo spirit – glamorous, sexy, flirty, daring and confident. It perfectly embodies the TSTIME that is at the heart of our brand. I love his energy, his style and his innate confidence.

FC: What are your favorite styles in the collection and how do you wear them?

SC: One of my favorites is the CHAD 90 boot in red velvet, it’s so luxurious and balanced with a sculpted heel it’s totally sultry and chic. I love the NICOLE 90 ankle boot in transparent mesh, the foot seems covered by also reveals a little skin in a sensual way. My other favorite is the RONNIE creeper – I love playing with proportions and think it sums up the feeling of the collection and the inspiration of ’60s and youth culture.

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