Sir Keir Starmer calls on key workers to get priority access to gasoline this week


ir Keir Starmer has called for key workers to have priority access to fuel supplies this week to ensure they can get to work as gas stations dry up.

He added that the trucking industry was “more than frustrated” by the lack of a clear plan to alleviate the problems.

“I spoke to the transport industry this morning to the companies that are absolutely in the middle of this, and they are more than frustrated and these are their words, they said it is a government that denies that there is a problem, then blame someone else, and then come up with a half-baked plan.

“What I would do is prioritize key workers this week.”

Sir Keir has resisted blaming Brexit directly for the truck driver shortage, but accepted that this was in part a consequence of leaving.

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He said the industry doubted the government’s plan to issue 5,000 three-month visas to foreign heavy truck drivers to alleviate the shortage of truckers would work.

There was a “strong opinion” that they would need to be for at least six months if they wanted to make a difference, he said.

“I would issue enough visas to truck drivers for long enough,” he added.

“The prime minister should take this step today, prioritize key workers and start issuing enough visas for long enough,” he said.



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