Social media influencers are entitled to participate in Abu Dhabi Retirement


The Abu Dhabi Pension Fund confirmed that the self-employed system, which was launched last year, to provide an opportunity for citizens who practice commercial, industrial or agricultural activities for their own account, does not require the size or type of activity, and that all citizens who are business owners and self-employed are entitled to Subscribing to the fund for themselves, including influencers who have accounts on various social media channels, and owners of small projects, provided they have a commercial license or any official record issued by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Fund called on citizens, pioneers and business owners, to register in the system, to take advantage of the insurance benefits and advantages that the Fund provides to those registered under its umbrella, such as the retirement pension and end-of-service benefits, which contributes to securing their future and the future of their families, and encourages young entrepreneurs to start their own projects and participate In the economic development of the emirate without fear or anxiety about the future.

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The fund indicated that there are 20 different segments of income from which employers can choose the bracket that suits them, starting from 12,750 dirhams and up to a maximum of 200,000 dirhams, pointing out that the monthly contributions are calculated at 26% of the monthly income segment, of which the insured bears 20%. While the government bears 6% of the value of retirement contributions, in support of employers and self-employed, for their contributions to supporting the economic growth of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and to ensure the principle of justice and equality, and to provide equal opportunities for all insured citizens, as it is the same rate of support for employees of the government and private sectors. .

The fund stated that a citizen can cancel the subscription if he wishes to do so or if his company is closed or his commercial activity officially stopped, and he can also apply to subscribe again after canceling it whenever he wants to, explaining that citizens “pioneers and business owners” can apply for registration with the fund via the website. The fund’s electronic mail, or by submitting the application directly at the fund’s headquarters or the various branches of the fund.

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The Director General of Retirement Affairs at the Abu Dhabi Retirement Fund, Khalaf Al Hammadi, confirmed that the self-employment registration system has proven to be a great success, and has witnessed a remarkable turnout from citizens, business owners, and those who did not have the opportunity to register themselves in the emirate’s retirement system, and benefit from its advantages and insurance benefits. The fund provides them to secure their future and the future of their families, pointing out that the fund continues its efforts to improve the retirement system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, extend insurance protection to all citizens in various sectors, and provide pension services and competitive benefits in accordance with the highest international standards.

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And the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund had issued a decision in March 2022 to include self-employed citizens from employers, self-employed professions and commercial activities in the retirement law in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and to allow them to register as insured persons with the fund voluntarily, provided that they are treated as insured persons in the private sector.

• Monthly contributions are calculated at 26% of the monthly income segment, of which the insured person bears 20%.

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