Taylor Lautner Says He’s Open To Reprising His Twilight Role Of Jacob Black: ‘He’s A Good Character’


Taylor Lautner

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Taylor Lautner will always be Team Jacob.

The 30-year-old actor said he wouldn’t say no to stepping back into his own Twilight saga role as Jacob Black, in a Thursday interview with e! News

“He’s got a good character and it’s easy to love, so I would never say no to that,” Lautner told the outlet. ‘Because it’s Jacob Black. He’s a sweet boy.’

Lautner co-starred with Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) in the vampire franchise and played Jacob when the actor was in his late teens. In the final episode of the movies, Jacob pressed Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee.

In that regard, the actor speculated that Jacob and Renesmee were doing just fine, saying that the past 10 years “have been happily ever after with Renesmee, because that’s where I would have stayed.”

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Lautner also said that while he enjoyed playing the character, he may not have been as willing to return to the fitness routine as the required role.

“I think that was great for the role, but I’d rather just be slim and healthy, you know?” said Lautner. “Definitely not a Jacob Black body.”

“The body was great for the role – but the amount of training, discipline and food that went into it, not fond memories. It’s hard because when I was 17, 18, 19 I couldn’t do cardio anymore because I just build as much muscle as possible,” explained Lautner.

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The scream queen actor continued, “So, if I started sweating during a workout, my trainer would stop me. And then we’d finish a workout, and he’d literally say, ‘Go to Carl’s Jr. and get a double, triple cheeseburger.’ We were just trying to gain weight. Now I wish I could go back there in that sense, because now it’s 90 percent cardio, and I don’t have triple cheeseburgers, that’s for sure.”

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Lautner took a break from acting after his time in the Twilight movies, and then he met his fiancée, Tay Dome. She recently posted her own revelation about her Twilight feelings.

In a hilarious video on her Instagram in June, Dome joined the trend “Show your childhood sweetheart and then the person you ended up with.”

The video then featured images of Pattinson as Edward Cullen, before showing Lautner playing Edward’s famed rival Jacob, with the two competing for Bella’s affections.

“I think it’s time to clean up…,” Dome wrote in the caption.

Lautner chimed in on the comments section, “Time I won something.”


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