The areas where more than 80% of GP appointments are remote


Patients in the care of Ely North Primary Care Network (PCN) – representing six GP surgeries in Cambridgeshire – were the least likely to be seen in person last month.

According to the figures, about 84.5 percent of PCN GP consultations took place remotely.

Better Health MCR PCN, representing three practices in Greater Manchester, held 83 per cent of their appointments at a distance, while Rural West PCN, representing two operations in Hampshire, held 82.6 per cent of their appointments at a distance.

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Before Covid, about 80 percent of appointments were held in person, the latest national figure is about 66 percent.

Market Harborough and Bosworth PCN – who care for more than 28,000 patients in Leicestershire – had the lowest rate of remote appointments last month at just 0.4 per cent.

Of the 6,170 practices that submitted data, 2,008 held more appointments remotely via phone or video calls than in person — 32.4 percent.

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