The Cyberpunk 2077 player count is somehow still increasing daily


One of the most captivating game stories of the year will be the return of Cyberpunk 2077. Due to the renewed interest of an exceptional Netflix anime series, a new patch and a half sale, the game is reaching concurrent player numbers that are the highest they have been in ages . And somehow they’re still rising a week after Cyberpunk Edgerunners debuted.

What’s happening here?

Last weekend I thought we hit another peak on Sunday where Cyberpunk 2077 hit 85,000 concurrent players and hit the Steam top 10. But I was fascinated to watch over the course of this one week, where Cyberpunk somehow still tops that number on weekdays. Wednesday brought 86,099 concurrent in the middle of the week. Yesterday, Thursday, brought 89,000. As we head into another weekend, I wonder if the game can eventually hit 100,000 concurrent players if these trends continue, a wild story for a single-player game that’s been out for nearly two years.

Why is this happening? Well, I’ve already gone through the basics, that after about six major patches and dozens of hotfixes, Cyberpunk 2077 has corrected the vast majority of its startup bugs, and recent additions include quality of life improvements and some new content like new clothes, weapons , cars, apartments and even missions in the latest patch. People are discovering that as technically disastrous as the early launch was, there’s a great game here.

As for why this trend is? Get on to build, to me that means people don’t just get back into the game, they stay with it.

A “quick” playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 where you skip a bunch of stuff will probably take 20-25 hours. A more robust game of exploration and side missions and street crime is probably more 60-80 hours. So I feel like what we’re seeing here is players getting engrossed in the story and sticking with the game as more new players try it out as well, snowballing the obvious surge in interest. It also seems to peak at 11 a.m. ET every day, which makes me wonder if much of this surge is concentrated in Europe, given the timing.

I joked on Twitter yesterday that the game’s number of players is increasing because everyone had just met Panam, an attractive, engaging NPC that you meet a bit in the story. But I’m just kidding. I really think the more people play, and the more they get involved with Cyberpunk’s really, really good characters Like it Judy and Panam, the more addicted they are likely to be (and they may soon discover one of the saddest parts of Cyberpunk, that only female Vs Judy can romanticize, and only male Vs Panam can romanticize).

These numbers show me that Cyberpunk 2077 is not only attracting new players, but the players are too is attracting stay with the game, and the stats get better as people work their way through dozens of hours of playtime that could instead peak this weekend, rather than last weekend when they might have just picked up the game. This can’t last forever, but man, what a ride for CDPR here.

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