The debate – Would tanks turn the tide? Pressure is mounting on Germany to supply Ukraine


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Why the tanks? Vladimir Putin wanted a lightning-fast takeover of Kiev, but seems content to settle for a long artillery war that could last for years. Ukraine’s allies claim that only tanks can accelerate victory. We ask why and look at the World War I style trench warfare that razes city after city in the Donbas to the ground.

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“Free the leopards” is the cry. But Germany – maker of Europe’s most popular tank – wants to make sure it’s the right move before turning its back on seven decades of non-aggression. France – maker of the Leclerc tank – is also weighing the benefits and costs of sending sophisticated machines that need constant maintenance and whether this marks the turning point where NATO finds itself at war directly with Russia.

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With Moscow and Kiev each discussing plans for spring offensives, when is it time to decide and what happens next?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juilette Laurain and Imen Mellaz.



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