The Ministry of the Interior warns against spreading rumors during weather fluctuations


The Ministry of the Interior has warned rumor mongers against circulating misleading news and rumors during fluctuating weather conditions, calling on members of the public to refer to official sources for updates on the weather, safety instructions, prevention and protection from all risks.

The Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management and all partners, confirmed its readiness to face any emergency that may arise as a result of the prevailing weather condition and its fluctuations, thanks to the integrated work between the specialized teams and their qualified cadres capable of dealing with the repercussions of the expected tropical condition.

The Ministry indicated that the concerned teams will continue their efforts to publish explanatory instructions and instructions for the correct handling of this atmosphere, while sending weather warnings in the affected areas in a timely manner, reaffirming the need to adhere to the requirements and instructions issued by the concerned authorities to enhance the protection and prevention of society.

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Last July, a number of regions of the country were exposed to unusual weather conditions, especially in Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, which led to the death of seven people of Asian nationalities as a result of the torrential rains.

And advised the civil defense departments in the country, not to risk cutting the water course in the car, and to double the safety distance between the driver and the vehicles in front of him, and to beware of rainwater gathering places, and to search for alternative ways until the water suction tasks are completed, and to adhere to the safe speed specified in the signs and indicative boards. On the road.

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And she warned against standing under trees during rain and unstable weather, and using vehicle headlights even in broad daylight, calling on motorists to avoid everything that distracts them from the road, pay attention to the road surface and be careful when crossing over water puddles.

The instructions included caution and attention when moving in vehicles, by avoiding excessive speed and adhering to traffic laws, and not resorting to speed in such weather for fear of slipping, causing traffic accidents, and paying attention to torrents that may come from rainy areas to dry areas, which surprises residents of valleys and hikers. Because of its dangers and damage to lives and property.

And she urged parents to follow their children when going to wild places and parks for fear of falling into ponds, swamps, dams and valley streams, and they should monitor and follow them permanently and try to stay away from such places, and take a walk in safe places that can be easily and easily exited when it rains and torrential rains.

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The instructions to follow in the event of heavy rain included the necessity of having an area known to the house for all family members; In it, all their important needs are placed in the event that rain water may reach the house, and first aid materials are kept at home.

• Concerned teams continue their efforts to publish explanatory instructions for correct handling of the atmosphere.

• Civil defense departments warn of rainwater gathering places.

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