The old Siglap Primary School is being revived as a mental health center


“The neighbors can come and support the work we do, whether it’s their expertise, their time, their money, they can volunteer and support and we’ve seen that happen when we started this retreat center,” he said.

Kampung Siglap is one of the best examples of an old building being put to good use, said Interior Minister K Shanmugam, who attended the official opening of the Kampung Siglap Lifeskills along with Culture, Community and Youth Minister Edwin Tong Training & Retreat Centre. on Friday (January 20).

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Mr Shanmugam said such initiatives are important especially as Singapore focuses on preventive care. He has no doubt that the initiative will succeed, he said.

“It will provide valuable lessons for others to follow in their footsteps. So the seed that is planted, the work that is done, the value will be that it will be replicated elsewhere,” he said.

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Among those helping with Kampung Siglap are partners such as Bethesda Frankel Estate Church and JP Morgan, who provide the planning and design of the program. Other volunteers help with cooking, gardening and fundraising.



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